The Welkom Team works exclusively with volunteers and is always looking for new team members. If you enjoy helping people, love Amsterdam and preferably speak one other foreign language besides English, why not sign up for a trial session to experience what it is like to be a Welkom Team member.

The team currently operates at Stationsplein on Friday and Saturday (hopefully in the future more often and in more places in the city centre). Two teams are located at different areas on the square. The work is done in a morning shift and an afternoon shift.

Each volunteer receives their own uniform on loan, consisting of a kiwi green polo, sweater, jacket and cap. These are worn on black trousers and with black shoes. In addition, the volunteers receive an information bag in which the answer to (almost) all questions from the tourists can be found.

You will also receive a weekly newsletter informing you of events/festivals/concerts in the city, any changes to public transport etc. Also outings are organized on a regular basis in order to learn more about a tourist product in the city. You will be part of a team not only helping the tourism industry but you will be able to maintain your language skills, contribute to creating a pleasant visit for the tourist and, by directing the tourists to the suburbs and other interesting places in Holland, help relieve the pressure on the city centre. Interested?

Sign up as a volunteer at the email address below.