The objective of the Foundation Welkom Amsterdam is to provide a warm welcome to visitors from all over the world and to facilitate activities for both the visitors and the tourist industry within the city. The Foundation is also involved in the project ‘City in Balance’ which aims at improving the quality of life in the city by participating in the optimization of the transportation and the flow of tourists.

Welkom Team
The roughly 40 volunteers of the Welkom Team greet the visitors on the main Central Station Square in a hospitable way and show them the way to go. They can for example refer to hotels, restaurants, museums, attractions, shops and shopping streets, markets, parks, public transport etc. They also give advise about how to prevent pickpocketing and street dealers. The volunteers have a broad knowledge of the Amsterdam and the surrounding areas and speak various foreign languages.
We hope to be able to grow with more locations in the city, like on the Dam Square, the Mint Tower and the Museum Square. That mostly depends on the amount of volunteers that can be recruited. The ultimate objective is to grow to have around 80 volunteers, that can provide the hospitality on all the major squares in the city all year round. The Welkom Team was founded in 2007, started with a pilot project and became official in 2008. It was founded by Guido Frankfurther.

The foundation is also a discussion partner for the municipality and particularly for the City Council to represent the interests of the touringcar industry. The foundation became an important participant in the meeting with the Amsterdam City Council and the civil servants in the area of the interests of the touringcar industry.

Stewards voor touringcarhaltes
Until 2019 the foundation also had stewards in place to man the main touringcar stops in the tourist center. The team of stewards consisted mostly of traffic wardens and safety officers, had the task to improve the more efficient use the touringcar stops. In the period between 2011 and 2018 around 50.000 touringcars were dealt with on the a yearly basis. In 2019 the City Council has taken over the project. In 2019 the City of Amsterdam took this specific project under their own wing.