The original Team was founded in 2008 by Guido Frankfurther and named “Hosts and hostesses Welcome you”. At the time, the project fell under the “Alliance Welcome Amsterdam Foundation” and was widelly supported by the business community in Amsterdam. Since 2018, the new Welkom Team has been part of the Welkom Amsterdam Foundation.

old uniform

Current outfit

The new Welkom has currently about 35 volunteers. The volunteers are present at several squares in the city centre to welcome the visitors to Amsterdam. They draw attention to places of interest in the surrounding areas in order to alleviate the number of tourists in the city centre. On request they give information about restaurants, museums, attractions, shopping areas, markets, parks and explain the use of the public transport system. Furthermore the tourists are warned about pickpockets and advised to keep an eye on their belongings. They have a broad knowledge of Amsterdam and the surrounding area and are fluent in various foreign languages. Special attention is paid to the attractions and sights outside the city center in order to spread the crowds in the city.